STEP 5 IN LR™: Is Oil Dispensing an ART ?

STEP 5 IN LR™: Is Oil Dispensing an ART ?

Is Oil Dispensing an ART ?


No !

It is a question of

using the right tools

for the job.



Oil storage and transfer containers are essential

Old oil can with ragsHave you ever left your lubricants, that you depend on to lubricate your machines, open to dirt and moisture? Then no doubt you still use the old oil can with rags. The reason that your expensive lubricants run the risk to get contaminated by dirt, water and other particulates. And even worse… your equipment get contaminated too, since the smallest particulates can cause asset components to fail prematurely.


Cross contamination

Another problem with oil transfer and oil storage methods is incorrect lubricant usage or lubricant cross contamination.


OilSafe storage containers are the solution!

Fully sealing units are the solution to prevent contaminants from getting into the oil. Sealable, reusable oil storage containers are easy to dispense without the need for tools like funnels. Another recommendation is integrating a color-coded system, which includes properly labeled containers to prevent cross contamination, so that contents are easily identifiable.


Lubrication Reliability with

OilSafe Storage and Transfer Containers!




Enluse can help you by supplying Best Practice lubricant storage and transfer container configurations. There are five lid types and five plastic oil storage body types to choose from. Lids are available in 10 colours so that you may maximize the visual identification aspect of this storage, transfer and handling tools.


Lubrication Reliability™

In our series of "10 steps to Lubrication Reliability" we are now halfway.

Maybe you think "this is a mission impossible".

In one GO, yes it is.

But gradually taken step-by-step and well planned in time: it is well feasible! 


Remember, Lubrication Reliability is not a project, it is a continuously evolving programme, or should we say culture, in which cleanliness control should be a continuous strive for excellence. Automatically, machine and component reliability follows. Many industries have proven it in the past; the door is now open for your plant.


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