STEP 1 IN LR™: Snapshot Assessment Test

STEP 1 IN LR™: Snapshot Assessment Test

Assessment – WHY?

Imagine: You are a salesman. And your job takes you to client sites, which are attempting to become more efficient/reliable thru Best Practice machinery lubrication, contamination and oil analysis.


Imagine: You run into one of the maintenance guys or a lubricator, what would you ask him? What will he tell you? Experience learns, that they will be most happy to tell you about their initiatives to reach above goals, but also the habits hindering their progress.


Snapshot Assessment TestImagine: you see desiccant breathers, filter carts, sample ports, drums, labeling, what conclusion will you draw? Can you draw a conclusion just because you see their presence?


Imagine: you ask the lubricator where he stores his oil, and he will show you the lube-room, the heart of reliability in the plant. You will see whether it is a well-designed lube room, and if it is located in a separate access-controlled, climate-controlled building. You will see if there are quality checks on viscosity and additives in the fluids. And what if you ask simple questions like: “Would you use these funnels, storage drums, jugs to change oil on your own car?” or “Would you store new oils for your car in conditions like this?”.


Often when confronted with personal questions people will realize the essence of good storage and handling.


Why all those “Imagines”……

By looking around and coming into discussion with people who know their products and habits, you can easier explain the value of an audit, used to assess the current condition of lubricants, contamination control, maintenance practices and lubricant management practices. After a thorough site inspection the findings will be documented into a report. Detailing the current lubrication management ‘health’ along with recommendations to rectify shortcomings.


Based on the report an action plan can be documented, whereafter Enluse can assist companies in their journey towards Best Practice in Lubrication Management.


The first step to "Best Practice in Lubrication Management" is easy. To find out how well your company scores lubrication strategy wise, just fill out an eight question assessment. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time. Simply answer the 8 questions, fill in your name and email address and click submit. This assessment is designed to provide the respondent with a clear picture of how their lubrication program ranks in each 8 key areas of lubrication.


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