OilSafe Sample Kit

OilSafe Sample Kit

OilSafe capHat off for the OilSafe Sample Kit!

It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with OilSafe containers incl. drums, lids and more!
This equipment is ideal for field staff to showcase and display the components of the product line.


The Kit contains the following:

OilSafe Sample Dealer Kit

100105   Storage Lid - Green*

100208   Utility Lid - Red*

100309   Stretch Lid - Yellow*

100401   Mini Lid - Black*

100502   Stumpy Lid - Blue*


101002   2 liter drum

101003   3 liter drum

101005   5 liter drum


102000   Standard pump


102020   Stretch hose extension

102021   Stumpy hose extension


700001-1Q OilSafe baseball cap


Note: *

The colours may differ from the shown picture.


Watch the video to learn more about the OilSafe Dealer Sample Kit (part no. 102101)



















Improve your lubrication right away with the OilSafe sample kit! 


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