OilSafe Label Wraps - protect labels from damage

OilSafe Label Wraps - protect labels from damage



The clear and durable Label Wrap houses a Label-Pocket inserted inside, enabling colour coding and identification of grease guns and other suitably sized cylindrical objects. One of the greatest challenges in lubricating with grease guns is identifying what grease is inside the gun. The OilSafe colour-coded grease guns and clear grease guns are an excellent starting point; but when more information is needed the OilSafe Label Wrap enables secure attachment of a label and protects the label from damage. 


In addition to grease guns, Label Wraps can also be used on:

  • pipes,
  • auto-lubricators,
  • air breathers,
  • spray cans,
  • barrel pumps and
  • other suitably sized cylindrical objects.


oilsafe-logoOilSafe Label Wrap is available in two styles:

  • The Removable version clamps into place but can be easily removed for reasons such as
          cleaning the gun or changing the label.

  • The Bonded version clamps on and includes secure adhesive strips to ensure that the Label Wrap does not move on or
          off the fitting pointis, but is securely held in place.

Once the grease gun is labeled with a Label Wrap simply match the label on the Grease Gun to the label on the cartridge or pail to make sure the right grease is loaded into the gun, then match the label on the gun to the label on the grease fitting to ensure that the right grease goes in the right equipment. 


Label Wrap Features:

  • Enable identification of Grease Gun contents
  • Are clear and durable
  • Come in two versions – Removable & Bonded
  • Can be applied to a variety of cylindrical objects

Part Numbers:

206000 - Removable Label Wrap

206001 - Bonded Label Wrap


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