OilSafe basic assortment

OilSafe basic assortment

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oilsafe-logoOilSafe basic assortment

In this blog, we will focus on the basic OilSafe products which are essential for
Lubrication Reliability Best Practices: the storage and transfer drums with the 5 different lid types designed to fit each of the 5 different drum sizes.


OilSafe sealable, reusable oil storage drums are the solution to contamination prevention and have a positive effect on asset protection. These containers make lubricant storage and handling clean, efficient and easy!

  • Gone are the days that oil can methods allow dirt, water and other particulates contaminating your expensive lubricants.
    Even the smallest particulates cause asset components to fail prematurely.

  • Gone are the days of incorrect lubricant usage or lubricant cross-contamination.

It goes without saying that Best Practice recommendations also include properly labeled containers to prevent misapplication and cross contamination. Read more about it in our blog: "Labeling Solutions to identify Lubricants"





The drums are fully graduated in both metric and imperial to assist with measuring fluid volumes. Tough, and comfortable to handle, these containers come in 5 different sizes and fully seal when fitted to any genuine OilSafe Lid. The drums have an extra wide neck opening (4.7" / 120mm) for rapid pouring and easy cleaning. Made of industrial-grade material that withstands the toughest working conditions. The drums are designed to last and are available in 1.5, 2, 3, 5, or 10 liters/ US quart.



  • Made of heat-resistant materials with UV additives
  • Ultra-durable construction. Will not warp, leak, bend or break
  • All Lids fit all genuine OilSafe Drums from
    1.5 through to 10 liters/US quart


Part #'s

101001 – 1.5 Liter / US Quart

101002 – 2 Liter / US Quart

101003 – 3 Liter / US Quart

101005 – 5 Liter / US Quart

101010 – 10 Liter / US Quart




With 5 different lid types designed to fit each of the 5 different drum sizes, you can mix and match the components to build heavy duty durable containers that will meet your oil transfer requirements.These OilSafe lids are available in 10 colors.



Stumpy Spout Lid

Ideal for engine and gear oils and when a higher lubricant flow is required.

The 1" spout opening on the OilSafe Stumpy Spout Lids is the largest on OilSafe spout lids. Its design is ideal for applications where a higher lubricant flow is required, such as for engine oils and gear oils.




oilsafe-stumpy-lid-drumPart # Stumpy Spout Lids:

100500 – Beige

100501 – Black

100502 – Blue

100503 – Dark Green

100504 – Gray

100505 – Mid Green

100506 – Orange

100507 – Purple

100508 – Red

100509 – Yellow



Stumpy Spout Hose

Add a Stumpy Spout Hose Extension to help with awkward or hard to reach fill points


Part # Stumpy Spout Hose Extension

102021 – Stumpy Spout Hose Extension




When precise pouring of lubricants is required.

With a 0.5" spout opening and a longer spout the OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid is ideal for lower viscosity oils (less than ISO 220) and is designed for hard to reach areas.




oilsafe-stretch-lidPart # Stretch Spout Lid

100300 – Beige

100301 – Black

100302 – Blue

100303 – Dark Green

100304 – Gray

100305 – Mid Green

100306 – Orange

100307 – Purple

100308 – Red

100309 – Yellow


Stretch Spout Hose Extension

Add a Stretch Spout Hose Extension to help with awkward or hard to reach fill points.


Part # Stretch Spout Hose Extension

102020 – Stretch Spout Hose Extension



Ideal for equipment with small fill holes.

The OilSafe Mini Spout has an outlet diameter of approximately ¼" (7mm), making it ideal for lubrication jobs where equipment fill holes are small such as constant level oilers and machine tools. Transfer Containers Mix and match lids and drums to get the right lubricant transfer container for the job. Integrate OilSafe to identify, protect and reduce machinery downtime.




oilsafe-mini-spout-lidPart # Mini Spout Lid

100400 – Beige

100401 – Black

100402 – Blue

100403 – Dark Green

100404 – Gray

100405 – Mid Green

100406 – Orange

100407 – Purple 100408 – Red

100409 – Yellow




Ideal for topping off crankcases and gearboxes.

Multi-Purpose Utility Lid with large outlet hole (approx. 2") enables controlled fast pouring of lubricants. The Utility Lid is designed to mate with an OilSafe Standard or Premium Pump on a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart drum to take care of hard to reach and time-consuming pumping applications such as gearboxes and transmissions.




oilsafe-drum-utility-lid-fillingPart # Utility Lid

100200 – Beige

100201 – Black

100202 – Blue

100203 – Dark Green

100204 – Gray

100205 – Mid Green

100206 – Orange

100207 – Purple

100208 – Red

100209 – Yellow



For on-site fluid storage and transport applications.

With this lid, OilSafe containers can be pre-filled for safe storage and transport and can be located for easy and timely access to fluids where and when needed. A convenient alternative to handling bulky 20 liters/US quart drums. Advanced thread design ensures secure fully sealing fit on a 1.5, 2, 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart drum.




oilsafe-storage-lidPart # Storage Lid

100100 – Beige

100101 – Black

100102 – Blue

100103 – Dark Green

100104 – Gray

100105 – Mid Green

100106 – Orange

100107 – Purple

100108 – Red

100109 – Yellow


Integrate OilSafe products to manage your fluid transfer from bulk storage to point of use




A handy overview to determine in one glance which OilSafe Lid you need for which Application.






Enluse is the largest stockist of OilSafe products in Europe and carry the entire range of lubrication storage and dispensing systems. For a complete overview see our Products page or download the catalog.












More OilSafe documentation can be found on our Product Brochures page.




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