Lube Cart VT - Heavy duty transport cart

The Lube Cart VT is a heavy duty general purpose utility cart. Ideal for transporting all lube equipment around the plant, specifically OilSafe cans and grease guns. Standard with one 115 liters retention tray or a fixed spill tray with grid and drain valve. Extra separate spill tray available.



  • The Lube Cart is made of powder coated steel, colour blue, and comes with 125 mm wheels (2 fixed & 2 swivel with break).
  • Extra large rubber air tires, 230 mm, available for use in harsh outdoor environment and for uneven floors.
  • Strong handle push bar.
  • The Lube Cart VF has 2 shelves capable of standing 100 kg each.
  • Each shelf is liquid tight with an edge of 25 mm.
  • The Lube Cart VF is rust proof, scratch proof and withstands most chemicals, oil, grease etc.
  • This mobile work center is shipped assembled, ready for use.










Technical Data

  • Dimension:  ca.1200 x 600 x 1050 mm (L x W x H)
  • Maximum Cart capacity: 200 kg
  • Maximum Shelf capacity: 100 kg
  • Total weight:  approx. 50 kg.
  • Material: Steel, Epoxy coated
  • Colour: Blue (other colours on request)
  • Wheels: 2 fixed , 2 Swivel + break, 125 mm


Part Number

VF-SW600507   Lube Cart VF complete 1200 x 610 x 1050 - 2 shelves + retention spill tray 115 L.

VF-SW600517   Retention tray 115 L. (995 x 595 x 200, 2 handles)

VF-SW600505   Lube Cart VF complete 1120 x 610 x 1020 - 1 shelf + fixed spill spill tray + grid 42 L.

VF-SW600523   Extra large rubber air tires - 230 mm - outdoor use - set of 4 - mounted



Product Data Sheet

Download the Lube Cart Product Info sheet here.