Labeling Solutions to identify lubricants

Labeling Solutions to identify lubricants

oilsafe-logoHow to implement the OilSafe Labeling System


  1. bulk-storage-unitsBulk Storage Units
    The first step in the chain of custody. Ensuring that Lubrication Technicians can clearly identify the lubricant they need. Solutions range from simple adhesive labels through to solutions that include complete MSDS information.

  2. transfer-containersTransfer Containers
    Cross contamination of lubricants can be just as damaging as dirt and water. Match the transfer container label to the bulk label to eliminate the potential for cross contamination, and ensure that employee’s Right To Know entitlements are addressed.

  3. point-of-usePoint of Use
    Getting the right lubricant into the right fill point (contaminant free) is one of the simplest ways to reduce maintenance and operating costs. Matching the container label to the fill point label is the final step.

Popular Labeling Solutions



Innovative - practical and durable

This fully integrated and colour-coded labeling system also:

  • Ensures the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time
  • Improves OSHA compliance
  • Accommodates inclusion of MSDS information at all steps of the lubrication process
  • Enables consistent identification of bulk storage, intermediate containers and point of use
  • Flexible and suitable for multiple workplace applications
  • Industrial grade, high quality and suitable for outdoor use
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Increases bottom line savings












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