How do you protect machines from moisture?

How do you protect machines from moisture?

z-134 air sentry desiccant breatherMoisture, dirt and particulates are continuous threats to the cleanliness of any contained fluids and the most common form of contamination is from the air. Desiccant breathers absorb the moisture from the air before it has a chance to enter fluid systems.


Removing particulates down to 2 micron these desiccant breathers are able to help prevent contamination and:

- Prolong fluid life and time between changes

- Increase machine productivity

- Reduce maintenance costs

- Control expensive downtime


Air Sentry Z-134 breatherAir Sentry® Z-Series breathers are designed for applications where space is limited or air flow requirements are below 5 cfm.

The Z-Series is typically used on gearboxes and low fluid volume applications where mounting space is limited or where a larger breather won’t fit without remote mounting. A good example of where the Z134 model is used, is the lubrication storage system Lustor.


The Z134 model uses 100% silica gel for moisture absorption.

The Z134 also features a 2 micron solid particle filter with airflow ratings of 10 cfm.



- Bi-Directional Air Flow.

- Air entering is cleaned and dried.

Expelled air partially regenerates the silica gel and "back flushes" the particulate filter to
  prolong the life of the breather.

Water Vapor Adsorbent

The Silica Gel used in Air Sentry® breathers is chemically inert, non-corrosive, and conforms to all regulated toxicity standards. Microscopic pores allow the silica gel to adsorb up to 40% of its own weight.


Durable Construction

Air Sentry® is manufactured from rugged ABS plastic and impact-modified Acrylic.


Green Means CleanColor Indicator

When maximum adsorption is reached, the silica gel turns from gold to dark green to indicate that replacement of the breather is required. 


Safety Sealed

Seals keep moisture from entering the units until they are placed in service. They are easily removed without tools or sharp instruments.


Activated Carbon

As air is expelled from the tank, it passes through activated carbon which removes oil vapors, fumes and odors.


Air Sentry Dresiccant Breathers documentationAt Enluse we  supply desiccant breather solutions from the full Air Sentry range.


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