GUARDIAN High Capacity Air Filter

GUARDIAN High Capacity Air Filter

high capacity air filterFor applications where fine particle filtration is critical, Air Sentry offers a High Capacity Air Filter. The GHCAF filters particulates down to less than 1/3 of a micron, for true HEPA* filtration. The pleated filter element holds substantial quantities of particulate for use in high dust environments, and the 0.3 micron filtration eliminates even bacteria size particles.


This versatile addition to the GUARDIAN line up can be used as a stand-alone particle filter, or can be used in conjunction with a standard desiccant GUARDIAN for the ultimate in particle and moisture elimination.


Suitable for the most extreme conditions. It’s an extra protective barrier between your Guardian unit and excessively dusty environments.


Air Sentry Guardian Accessories:


Guardian - air sentry breather


Typical applications include:

• Cement (see application example below)

• Food & Beverage

• Mining

• Coal-fired power plants

• Harsh environments



• Gearboxes

• Hydraulic reservoirs

• Lubricant reservoirs



• Extends breather life

• Lowers maintenance costs

• Ideal for very dusty environments

• Fits on Air Sentry Guardian, X- and XR-series breathers

• Stackable – to extend life of breathers even further

• High particle load holding capacity

• True HEPA filtration

• Helps prevent bacterial contamination of fluids

• Keeps out particles and bacteria down to less than 1/3 of a micron • Versatile: can be used just as a HEPA particle filter, or combined with Guardian desiccant cartridges using our Stack Ring™.



top air sentry high capacity filter high capacity air filterbottom high capacity air filter


Construction materials:

o Body materials are Tritan plastic

o Anodized aluminium work port

o Check Valves (8) are Acetal plastic

o O-ring seals are buna

o Filter is Zinc Plate steel, rubber and synthetic filter media
















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Cement Industry Solutions


Cement Industry

Enluse offers an extensive range of industrial lubrication products that are designed for the Cement Industry. Our products perform in the most adverse conditions and demanding environments. We specialize in desiccant breathers, lubrication management products and more.

cement industry


Cement and aggregate facilities are dusty, dirty, humid environments. Sand, gravel, crushed stone and water are in use in many forms throughout the facility. Keeping solid particles and water vapor out of oils and machinery is important.


Mobile equipment such as cranes and shovels are used to move materials around the facility or place them on conveyor systems. They are also used to dig or dredge the sand and gravel from lakes, rivers and streams. Hydraulic systems and gearboxes on the mobile equipment are subjected to dust and humidity continuously. Protecting the oils from water vapor and solid particulates keeps the systems running smoothly.


Bulk material handling terminals load, unload and store the fine and coarse aggregates. The conveyor systems are used to move various materials. Each system is equipped with large drives, gearboxes and bearings that have oil and lubrication reservoirs. Air Sentry® breathers provide protection from airborne dust and moisture.


For extreme conditions, like what can be found on equipment in a cement and aggregate facility, many breathers can be used. The M-Series breathers provide rugged steel housings for the most extreme conditions. The XR-Series combines the strength of the steel base plate with the controlled airflow of check valves in an economical disposable cartridge. For applications where vibration or rough ground isn’t an issue, the X-Series breathers contain two check valves in the top cap to protect the breather and equipment from air ingression unless it’s necessary. And don’t forget the Guardian High Capacity Filter, it’s an extra protective barrier between your Guardian unit and excessively dusty environments!



Balls Mills


Draglines & Shovels

Haul Trucks


Lube Rooms / Maintenance



D-Series Desiccant Breathers

X-Series Desiccant Breathers

Z-Series Desiccant Breathers

Guardian-Series Desiccant Breathers

Lubrication Management

Lube Room



*Hepa = High Efficiency Particulate Air – i.e. filter is manufactured, certified and labeled in accordance with HEPA filter standards.

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