1st step to achieving proactive maintenance of lubes

1st step to achieving proactive maintenance of lubes

Lustor - Lubrication Storage SystemThe first step toward achieving proactive maintenance of your lubricants, and ultimately your equipment, begins with proper in-plant storage* and handling.


Proper lubrication is not only about the right amount-at the right time-at the right place, it is also about keeping lubricants clean, cool and properly identified



Some tips for proper lubrication storage and handling:

  • Design the lubrication storage areas:
    The purpose is to ensure ease of use and limit handling mistakes. The storage areas should be well lit and organized and also include provisions for bulk storage.
  • Quality control program:
    This is to ensure the correct oils and lubricants are being delivered and the cleanliness of the delivered lubricants is up to current target particle and moisture cleanliness levels.
  • Labeling and Identification:
    The labeling system can efficiently ensure the right lubricant is used at the right location and prevent cross contamination. The labeling system should be simple and easy to implement.

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Lustor - Lubrication Storage System* Earlier this year we launched a Best Practice storage system, named Lustor™ - Lubrication Storage System. Lustor is available in 3 models: 125 l., 250 l. and 500 l. and based on a set of MDPE tanks, equipped with the Lubrication Reliability™ compliant basic components:

• Heavy-duty pneumatic oil pump
• Hydraulic filter with saturation indicator
• Filter cartridges
• Desiccant protection breather
• Lube identification label

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