Oil Safe drum label kits - cost effective

The Drum Label Kit is designed to accompany your colour-coded OilSafe Lid, Drum and Label. It protects the lubricant from contamination, reduced machinery downtime and minimises spills and accidents.




Less lube contamination,spillage and misapplication mean more reliable, safer and profitable operations for your organisation.


Drum Label kit components

Each Drum Label Kit comprises the following components:


5 Label Holder components:

  • 1 x 2x3.5" Label Pocket
  • 1 x colour-coded label pocket frame
  • 1 x Lockable Drum ring
  • 1 x Label leash
  • 1 x Colour coded Drum ring.

Guidance Sheets

  • Best Practice suggestions for common labeling applications


Each Drum Label Kit includes these selected components, which combine to form 2 solutions.


Featured below: Red Drum Label Kit - part # 207108




Labeling with System

Combined with the OilSafe Drum System, OilSafe labeling delivers  unique safety and efficiency benefits:

  • no misapplication: right fluid into the right hole
  • no mixing of lubes: manage chain of custody
  • customisation: customer dynamic requirements
  • standardisation: best practicre across multi-sites

clean lube rooms + professional OilSafe Tools + effective labeling

puts pride in the lubrication activity



Part Numbers

207100 – Beige Drum Label Kit

207101 – Black Drum Label Kit

207102 – Blue Drum Label Kit

207103 – Dark Green Drum Label Kit

207104 – Gray Drum Label Kit

207105 – Mid Green Drum Label Kit

207106 – Orange Drum Label Kit

207107 – PurpleDrum Label Kit

207108 – Red Drum Label Kit

207109 – Yellow Drum Label Kit