Congratulations Luneta!

Congratulations Luneta!

Bronze-medal-winner-LunetaAs one of the twelve nominated Finalists in the category “Maintenance Tools and Equipment” in the “Plant Engineering Product of the Year award 2016”, Luneta won the Bronze Medal.


With the common core in mind of making manufacturing operations smarter, safer and more productive, Luneta was competing with its 3-D Sight Glass for this honorable title.






The 3-D Luneta Sight Glass features increased durability, clarity, usability, and chemical resistance compared to similar products. Luneta Sight Glass is made of Tritan—a high-performance, crystal-clear copolyester—that is stronger than traditional acrylic sight glasses and can withstand the toughest environmental conditions.



The flat front surface has etched crosshairs that enable at-a-glance oil level checks without the possibility of the level marker fading or wearing off. Sight Glass provides a large, 360-degree viewing surface, with thin outer that allow users to receive an undistorted view of in-service oils, providing effortless oil level and visual inspections and allowing critical health conditions of the lubricant and machine to be detected.




We are proud to be the distributor for the Luneta product assortment.

More information can be derived from our website or by downloading documentation from the Luneta product range.



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