OilSafe Colour-coded drum rings

OilSafe Colour-coded drum rings



OilSafe colour-coded drum rings fit securely and easily to all OilSafe drums and provide clear and effective


colour-coded-drum-ringsCross contamination of lubricants can be just as damaging as dirt and water. Match the transfer container label to the bulk label to eliminate the potential for cross contamination. 


Getting the right lubricant into the right fill point (contaminant free) is one of the simplest ways to reduce maintenance and operating costs.


Features and benefits drum rings

  • Available in 10 colours
  • Industrial grade with UV stabilizers and anti-static additives
  • Recessed panel for Drum Ring label placement
  • A hook for additional labeling options with leashes and pockets
  • Enables the quick and easy removal of the entire labeling assembly from the drum when the drum requires
         cleaning, unlike adhesive sandwich bag labeling concepts that leave messy residues and require constant
         replacement at the time of drum servicing or re-labeling





 OilSafe Drum Ring Adhesive Labels



Adhesive labels are also available to enable more detailed identification.

Options include “Contents” label with space for written information, or a 

custom label using the OilSafe Wizard. The labels are resistant to water

and tearing.


Comes as a sheet of Adhesive Drum Ring Content Labels, 0.5" x 5.5",

20 per sheet.


For more information: www.enluse.com


Part numbers:

Colour coded drum rings

207000 Beige

207001 Black

207002 Blue

207003 Dark Green

207004 Grey

207005 Light Green

207006 Orange

207007 Purple

207008 Red

207009 Yellow


Drum ring adhesive labels

282400 Beige

282401 Black

282402 Blue

282403 Dark Green

282404 Grey

282405 Light Green

282406 Orange

282407 Purple

282408 Red

282409 Yellow



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