An effective lube plan starts with a wall chart

An effective lube plan starts with a wall chart

The 6 Lubrication RIGHTS

6 LUBRICATION RIGHTSWhen considering the 6 lubrication Rights of getting:


- the Right lube,

- into the Right machine,

- at the Right time,

- in the Right quantity,

- in the Right way and

- kept in the Right condition,


is not as simple as it sounds, because many things can go wrong. For example:


- poorly identified oils,

- dispensing containers and fill points.

- lack of documentation of what goes in what machine,

- how to do the job and

- how clean is the oil.


SIMPLY PUT: without good identification the 6 Lubrication rights can become the 6 Lubrication wrongs and if this happens then wear kicks in and the pathway to failure is mapped.


Do you have customers where the oils and greases in their lube storage area are not well marked? If so this is the place where a Lubrication Reliability program starts and YOU can help the process by identifying all the lubes and adding a colour for each one, along with a symbol and supplying a Lubrication Identification Wall Chart.



Lubrication Identification Wall Chart


The Process

- Ask to see the lube storage area and if no chart.
- Get a list of the lubes.
- Agree on a colour per lube type and a symbol in case some folks suffer from colour blindness.
- Offer to make a wall mounted chart for them.
- Contact Enluse for your chart and we will send you a draft.
- If the draft is OK with your customer, give Enluse the nod and we'll print it.


Lubrication Identification Wall Chart


The Wall Chart Details

- Size 60 x 80 centimeters (Larger sizes are possible)

- Can be for grease and oils combined or a separate one for each.

- Thick glossy paper.

- You can have the customers logo added.

- You can have your supplier contact details added.

- Price is 35.00 Euro per chart plus mailing charges.

Itemnumber: EE4055








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