Air Sentry Z-series: limited space applications

Air Sentry Z-series: limited space applications

z-series air sentry breathersAir Sentry® Z-Series breathers are designed for applications where space is limited or air flow requirements are below 10 cubic feet per minute (cfm).


The Z-Series breather is typically used on gearbox applications and has been proven to work well on low fluid volume applications where mounting space is limited or where a larger breather won't fit without remote mounting.


Air Sentry - z-series

Typical applications:

- Gearboxes
- Drums
- Totes
- Small oil containers
- Oil storage systems


Key features:

- Silica gel removes up to 95% of moisture from incoming air
- Filtration media blocks airborne particles down to 2 micron.

- Particles include dust, saw dust, coal, powder, cement, ash, lent fiber, clay, etc.


Z-series specifications can be downloaded here.


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