Air Sentry Guardian - Ideal for all applications

Air Sentry Guardian - Ideal for all applications

GUARDIAN, Air Sentry's industry leading breather series, features an isolation check valve that keeps exhaust air from depleting the desiccant and protects from volatile fumes and splashing fluids. The GUARDIAN's casing is constructed from Tritan®, a patented material highly resistant to impact and chemicals with a broad range of operating temperatures. These unique features equate to a longer life for your breather and your equipment.
The clear acrylic tube makes it easy to inspect the condition of the color-changing silica gel from a distance. The silica gel turns from gold to dark green to visually indicate the adsorption of moisture and confirm the breather is getting the job done.


Guardian Modular Options

High-capacity air filter

high capacity air filterCan be used with a desiccant cartridge or as a standalone particle filter. Its 0.3-micron HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient. Ideal for extremely dirty/dusty environments.




Modular stackable Ring

modular stackable ringStack cartridges to extend the life of breathers even further using the Modular Stack Ring.TM This proprietary feature lengthens the GUARDIAN’s service life, reducing cost and maintenance intervals.




Shield wash-down cap

shield wash down capThe cap acts as a barrier where equipment wash-down happens frequently. This prevents direct spray from opening check valves in the top cap.





Integrated compound vacuum/pressure gauge

integrated compound vacuum/pressure gaugeThis proprietary feature is a true-life accurate indicator of filter conditions.





How does the Air Sentry Guardian works 

60% of bearings fail because of lubrication issues. Enluse concentrates on all aspects of products and services to prevent the bearing from failing. Our whole package of products is based on that. Lubrication has to work in a reliable manner, and there are many things that happen to prevent it from doing that.

Our mission is to help industry to adopt all the processes to prevent bearings from failing. We work from the lube room right through to the end machine. And we are looking to keep the oil clean, starting with a colour coding system. OilSafe oilcans, the labeling system and also the bulk storage have different colours. Everything is designed one colour per lube and we look from the colouring system from the lube bay, how to dispense it in a clean colour coded oilcan, how to identify all of the components right through to the machine and how to actually keep the machine clean through filtering systems.


To learn more about filtering systems, watch this video in which the innovative Guardian breather from Air Sentry is explained.



















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