Air Sentry - Application Fields

Air Sentry - Application Fields

The Air Sentry line of desiccant breathers is the ultimate defence against particulate and moisture contaminants. They increase fluid cleanliness and extend the life of lubricating oils and equipment. Machines and equipment represent more than a mean to get things done. They are investments. Critical to the success of your organisation.

Air Sentry desiccant breathers range

Our full line up means you make one call to keep your facility operating at peak efficiency with the best high performing desiccant breathers in the field.


Many machine failures are caused by contamination. A desiccant breather placed on equipment and replacing the existing air vent can become the first line of defense in contamination control. Improving equipment efficiencies and a reduction in overall operational cost are great places to start when considering establishing and maintaining a lubrication excellence program. These methods reduce the cost of operation while increasing net profits and earnings per share.


The desiccant breather’s effectiveness has proved to be one of the fundamental building blocks upon which successful lubrication management programs work.


Choose one of the enclosed application fields to view the associated Air Sentry products:


Air Sentry - Application Fields

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