Lubrilys - Lubrication Management Software

Lubrilys - Lubrication Management Software

At Enluse we know how important a comprehensive Lubrication Management Program is when it comes to maximizing machine health, productivity and ultimately cost-savings. That’s why we partnered with Lubrilys. Lubrilys is a solution designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals. It will add value instantly by reducing the risk of production stops, adding to equipments lives, saving energy, improving productivity and supporting controls. It will also help sustain lubrication best practices in the long run.


Lubrilys has unique features:

- It improves dramatically data reliability, enabling remote
  data entry (e.g. using PDA to scan barcode on the   lubrication point).

- It is a web designed application that can run on any IT platform
  and could be used in a single-station or network environment.

- The software can also be used as an online application service
  (cloud). Its interface is very intuitive and dynamic.


Improve your productivity, manage your peak times and plan your workload

- Weekly detailed Lubrication Activities schedule produced with possibility of editing.
- Missed deadlines are detected. Future schedules are updated accordingly including management of incidents and delays.
- Plan simulation and Workload forecast.
- Management of several lubrication plans simultaneously.
- Reminder alarms for specific tasks.


Get the tools to pilot your activity and support your quality and safety processes

- Great reporting capabilities: Dashboards and stats on performed activities.
- Data sharing ability across a network. User defined access to map the client organisation.
- Products, internal and external document archived and available for reporting
   (Safety data sheets, operating procedures, maintenance guide…).


Implement lubrication cost control, stock control and planning

- Stock usage tracking and materials need forecasted (lubricants, equipment…).
- Total Lubrication cost analysis including lubricants, spare parts and manpower.
- Forecast and actuals reporting. Detailed Data available at the lubrication point level.


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