3D Oil Level Glasses

3d bullseyes - metric - imperialThe 3-D BullsEye is a clear cylinder made from one solid piece of acrylic with threading on one end and a rounded polished end for easier viewing of the oil on the other.


Features 3-D BullsEye:

- Lubrication Reliability (5R's)
- Highly stain-resistant acrylic construction for years of accurate oil level monitoring
- Excellent resistance to hydrocarbon and petroleum-based products, hydraulic fluids, most silicone fluids and fuels
- Revolutionary easy-view design is visible from virtually any angle, minimizing false positives
- Temperature range from exceedingly low temperatures of at least -40°F (-40°C) to as high as 230°F (110°C) at
  atmospheric pressure
- Universal fit - fits almost all oil reservoirs


3D BullsEye Imperial
3D BullsEye Imperial
3D BullsEye Metric
3D BullsEye Metric