Enluse B.V. Specializes in Lubrication Reliability Best Practices.

Lubrication Reliability is a very important ingredient in achieving World Class Maintenance recognition.

Enluse BV specializes in products and competencies to help achieve a World Class standard.

From our years of experience in the industrial reliability sphere we have defined the concept of Lubrication Reliability and developed a package of products and competencies to help reduce losses and wastage associated with poor lubrication practices.

A Lubrication Reliability Strategy will reduce bearing damage and failures that resulted from poor lubrication practices. As a result fewer bearings will be used, less maintenance will be performed and a higher productivity will be achieved.


Guardian - Silica - 1

Guardian - Silica - 1"NPT


Filtration system

All you need to know about reliability

This course is the first of a two part series discussing the elements of RAM: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability. In Part 1, the student will learn about the various phases during the reliability-life of an asset and the tools available to ensure reliability is properly addressed during each phase. This course spends time introducing the student


  • Euromaintenance

    An interview at euromaintenance where Enluse chairman Ian Knight speaks about lubrication reliability.

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  • Cutting edge Cutting fluids

    A very insightful article about cutting fluids was posted on Today's machining world. The basic gist: Use the right lubricants for the right job.

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  • Reliability Institute launches new course

    The Reliability Institute of which Enluse B.V. is now a certified partner announced a new course by Robert X. Perez, renowned for his book "Operator’s Guide to Centrifugal Pumps", participation on "Is my machine okay?" and author of numerous machinery reliability articles for technical conferences and magazines.

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